My mantra is ‘Give, Serve, Live!’
That hasn’t always been the case, but as a result of life-crushing events it has become what I live by.
Let me explain.
A short time ago, life circumstances, like a series of tsunami waves hit me broad side. When they hit, using common metrics, I was on top of the world. Beautiful family. Healthy. Great Income. Stellar reputation.
However in short order my finances crashed. My integrity was questioned. I suffered a divorce. My physical, mental and emotional health deteriorated. I lost my sense of purpose. I wanted to stop living. I call it my Perfect Storm!
During my storm I was reminded of and learned some powerful truths: the Power of Hope, Purpose, Our Minds, Connectivity, Friends, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Generosity, Self Care, Silence, Perspective, Affirmation.
With these truths I slowly began bailing the water out of my boat and made it through my storm. When I finally came up for air, I realized that I had a story to tell. I found that by being willing to tell my story I could help others make it through their storm. So, I wrote a book called ‘Overcoming Your Perfect Storm’ and I began telling my story everywhere I could. Marriage retreats, men’s groups, singles groups, divorce recovery groups, churches.
I have committed Give, Serve, Live! And invite you to join me! It is amazing how life takes on a whole new dimension when we give, serve, live!
What does that look like? In short, we go through life purposefully.
Becoming aware of ways that we can Give: To a laborer in Paraguay for a motorcycle to haul charcoal that the community relies on for cooking. Terracing efforts in Haiti to stop erosion and create opportunities for crops. To kids in Africa for an education. To build a house in Mexico for a family who had been living in a shack. Or, simply giving the shirt off our back to someone who needs it.
Looking for ways that we can Serve: Help neighbors move. Change tires for people who are stranded on the roadside. Assist the disabled or the aged with a simple chore.
And Live! Dedicate time to embrace and celebrate life. Hiking, Swimming, Golfing, Playing table games with friends, or simply sitting quietly and learning to breathe. Considering all the good that is around us.
Would you like to join me? Ask me how:

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