For years the people of Haiti have fished the island’s surrounding waters.
However, recent years have seen low yields due to over fishing and a dying reef caused by erosion.
One way to address reef health is to terrace Haiti’s numerous hillsides so that soil doesn’t wash into the water, killing the reef. One way to address limited fish supply is to farm tilapia.
12oz of Hope has supported the efforts of an organization in their efforts as they have begun to address this issue.
Now they are taking the next step in the project by opening up tilapia farms.
Last year they shipped 1600 fingerlings of tilapia. Recently, they harvested 600 of them and brought them to market as a test project.
They estimate that they have about 30,000 tilapia remaining in the fish ponds and they are moving the fish to new locations. At these locations they will continue to propagate the fish and to grow them larger for market.
Now they need to provide a source of fish food.
Here is where it gets incredible. They are putting together a container in the U.S. which will be a self-contained fish food factory.
It is crazy fantastic what they have put together to make this happen.
I want to help them get this fish factory to Haiti – will you join me?
The bottom line is they need $50,000 to make this happen.
Like all of our projects, we can vouch for them and how they use the money that is given.
Will you partner with me and invest in this project that produces jobs, renews the reef and creates sustainable business opportunities for the people of northern Haiti?

Who knows, maybe you could join me when I go next time to check in on how this project is coming along!

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