Size matters….or does it?

I love hearing about huge philanthropic gifts. The generosity of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and others is an inspiration to me.

Mr. Buffet has given 71% of his wealth to charity since 2000! That is incredible. He along with a group of the world’s richest people have taken a “Giving Pledge”, which is a commitment to give the bulk of their wealth to charity. They give millions and millions of dollars to various needs worldwide yearly.

While all that is incredible, if we are not careful, stories like that can tempt us to hide behind Obstacle #3 ( being generous:

The size of our gift.

We are tempted to believe that if our gift of money, time or ability is not ‘large’ it has no value and thus we don’t give it.

Unfortunately, we may use the ‘ordinary’ status of our gift as an excuse from practicing generosity. In other words, “There aren’t many zeroes in my gift so it won’t make much of an impact anyway.” Thus the belief that if we can’t give a lot, we might as well not give.

However, let me let you in on a little secret.  When it comes to being generous, size does not matter!

Solution: Generosity is not defined by the number of zeros in the gift.

As a Generosity Consultant I continually exclaim the following:  “Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.” The story in the Bible when Jesus compared the giving of a widow to that of a rich person is compelling. The widow’s gift was actually more acceptable because of the sacrifice she experienced in giving it along with the heart posture she held while giving.

During this Season marked by gift giving, there is a lesson here for all of us!

If you don’t have much to give, whether it be money, time or ability – give what you can. Don’t be embarrassed by the size of your offering.

If you have a lot to give, whether it be money, time or ability – give what you can. Don’t take pride in the size of your gift.

Equal Sacrifice, not equal gifts!

Bottom line? Give! Just give.


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