Her hope for 12oz of Hope is that it is blessed with generosity and a sound financial future so that those in the position to give are inspired to participate, and those in the position to spin dreams see them come true.
Katie Coates
Long Beach, CA
Lyle’s favorite Generosity quote is “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” His hope for 12oz of Hope is to provide a vehicle for people to support causes they are passionate about.
Lyle Sorenson
Ferndale, WA
David’s favorite Generosity quote, “It is said that you can't take it with you; I say there are two things you can take with you: the things you do for others and the things you do to others.“ His hope for 12oz of Hope is to extend a hand.
David Russell
New River, AZ
Sheila’s favorite Generosity quote is from Bono - “If September 11th has taught us anything, it’s certainly that the world has never been so interdependent. It is impossible now to be an island of prosperity in a sea of despair.” Her hope for 12oz of Hope is to double its operating budget over the next calendar year.
Sheila Kramer
Visalia, CA
Ted’s favorite Generosity quote is, “Generosity is more than an action – it’s an attitude, a lifestyle, a state of being.” His hope for 12oz of Hope is to inspire and empower others to live a generous life.
Ted Baird
Oklahoma City, OK
Greg was greatly impacted by the generosity of his grandmother and the family she worked for as a maid.He often thinks of his Grandmother and the impression she made on this family that they would be concerned about her grandchildren. She was amazing!
Greg Bruner
Carpentersville, IL