What are you doing to celebrate the life that you live?

  • Do you take time to Smell the Flowers?
  • Enjoy the View?
  • Feel the Moment?
  • Nurture Yourself?
  • We believe that it is important to live a balanced life.
    In the second edition of my book (retitled ‘Overcoming Your Perfect Storm’ available
    on Amazon.com), I talk about the Power of Self Care. In that chapter I unwrap what
    happened when I finally gave myself permission to do something for me. What
    happened when I did something fun ‘just cuz I wanted’.
    On this page we will be submitting ideas for you to do just that.
    To start with, how about a

    Hike or a Walk?

    In Phoenix October – May is prime hiking and walking weather.
    However, even in the Northland, a walk in the snow or rain can be incredibly
    Either way give it a try! If you are a Task Oriented person like myself, you may need
    to schedule this outing. But once you do I believe that you will find yourself
    refreshed and in a better frame of mind.
    Let us know how it goes and send us ideas of activities for others to consider.