Another way that we help people live generous lives is by assisting you lead your nonprofit organization.

Leading a nonprofit can be one of the most rewarding yet at the same time challenging endeavors.
Most people are completely unaware of what is involved in leading a nonprofit. It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

We have been helping leaders lead their nonprofit for over thirty years. There are a number of ways that we are available to come beside you and assist as you lead your nonprofit. First, expert Consultations.Allow us to come for a one or two day consult and we will identify areas they may be keeping your organization from fulfilling its purpose.Or, maybe you have already identified those key areas, we can come in for a one or two day consult and suggest the changes that could free your organization up to fulfill its purpose.

We also have relationships with key Service Providers who can help you with Branding, Social Media, Website Design, Capital Campaigns, Bookkeeping, organizational structure and more.