What does it mean?

Give my time, abilities and finances = Live!

In other words each day I reset my thinking and remind myself that to truly live I must give of my time, abilities and finances.

As I give, I come alive. I benefit, I come alive, I guess than really, isn’t a ‘must’, but a ‘get to’!

You’ve experienced the same. As you are generous you come alive. We want to help you. We exist to help you live a generous life.

Here is how. Just like you have a Spending Savings Account when you want to save for that purchase – whether it be a house, a car, a vacation, Christmas presents.

We propose that all of us should have a Giving Savings Account. Maybe you want to build a well in Tanzania. It might take you a couple of years to be able to pay for that. By setting up a Giving Savings Account, you can put money away regularly and when you have enough you can build the well.

With our Giving Savings Accounts, you get IRS Charitable giving credit each year that you give to your account. So, if your project takes you 5 years to save for, by putting money into your Giving Savings Account – you will get charitable giving credit for each of those years. Saving you money in taxes. Each year you will get a statement telling you how much is in your Giving Savings Account.

Also with our Giving Savings Account, you can invite others to join you. Just let us know that is your desire and we can set that up.

Join me and lets G3=L! together.

Fill in the fields and submit the form on this page to retrieve the Giving Savings Account application.

You will be redirected to the Giving Savings Account application after you click the submit button. Download and print the PDF and mail to 12oz of Hope, 39506 N. Daisy Mt Rd #122-246, Anthem, AZ 85086