Giving Opportunity

Even if you don’t have a specific passion you can make a donation now to our favorite nonprofit, 12oz of Hope, and they will use that money to meet needs that they are aware of and also to bolster the efforts to encourage others to live generously.

Donate directly to one of our Family Group Members by selecting a button below:


There is a great outreach going on in Haiti that is assisting the Haitian people with tilapia fish farming techniques, terracing and employment. Your donation will be well invested here!

Paraguay Build Walls

Do you want to help a church build walls and put a roof on their building?

Paraguay Reduce Recidivism

Would you like to help and outreach to jail inmates to minimize recidivism?

Az Family Fitness

It is understood that active bodies are healthier. Arizona Family Fitness believes that an active family is a healthier family! Donate here and help families, as they get fit together.

Team Otieno/Tanzania

If you would like to help women, children and people with disabilities in rural communities in Tanzania to experience the love of Jesus as they are helped to develop fulfilling and productive lives.

Give Birth a Chance