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Overcoming My Perfect Storm: How I Rebuilt My Life After Despair, Divorce, Depression, and Disillusionment and How You Can Too!

When author Douglas M. Clark’s perfect storm came and washed away his position, possessions, and popularity, his value—at least as he saw it—plummeted. With a failed marriage, a deep depression, and a soul-splitting loss of purpose, he was left feeling lost, alone, stranded, listless, claustrophobic, and disconnected.

As Clark has worked to reestablish a life worth living, he’s uncovered practical tools, life insights, and powerful hard truths regarding a wide range of subjects: imperfection, hope, purpose, the mind, words, friends, forgiveness, gratitude, and attitude. While he doesn’t have it all figured out, he’s learned a lot, and he hopes that through this guide, he can help himself and others navigate their perfect storms. Here Clark shares his story and describes the wisdom that helped him weather the storm and come out the other side.

This self-help guide and personal narrative presents an exploration of advice and life lessons learned by a man as he endured a perfect storm of crises in his life.