Thanks for dropping by!

It is my desire to live a passionately generous life and I would like you to invite you to do so also.

My mantra is ‘Give Serve Live!’ Believing that when we give of ourselves – time, resources or abilities – to others, we truly come alive.

I credit my parents for my deep desire to live generously. At the age of 10, my parents moved the whole family to Latin America to serve as missionaries. Growing up I was always amazed by the generous gifts of time, money and resources that they would give to others. I now make it my life goal to live generously and assist those who also seek to live generous lives.

I invite you to join me. A generous life is the most exciting way to live.

Everything you find on this website is designed to help you live a generous life. Poke around and explore. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

While my work requires an extensive amount of travel, traversing different time zones and different cultures, my heart is at home in the Arizona desert. I am a native of Arizona and self-described “Desert Rat”. I am a proud father of two and I have a crazy passion for soccer, golf and yoga.